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Our BILLION DOLLAR REAL ESTATE TEAM philosophy is simple

You don’t have just one business. You have 3.

Marketing Business

ATTRACT Customers

People Development Business


Real Estate Business

DELIVER Experience
When you know how to ATTRACT the right prospects, CONVERT those prospects to happy clients, and DELIVER your programs at scale, you will have all the tools necessary to rapidly grow your real estate business. All our material is designed to help you with those three elements, using cutting-edge strategies and tools.
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People Always Talk...

In 2018, after hitting $20M in production for the third year in a row I knew it was time to hire a coach to help us level up. In my search, my parameters were simple… I wanted a Top Producer who has been in the trenches and who built at least a $100M organization that could help grow the team by succeeding through others. I wanted a coach who could help our team become prospecting based and marketing enhanced. And finally, someone who had a shared value system that would shoot me straight. Since hiring Mike, he has helped us completely Rebrand the company, create a Digital Footprint and implement a system to attract Agents and get us laser focused on growth. By August, we had already closed or pended over $23M in volume and are on our way to our best year ever. The future is very bright and Mike is a big part of showing us the path.

Stacey Wyatt

You’re One of the greatest and advanced thinking marketing minds I know. The advice that you’ve given me is priceless and I will never be able to repay you. Besides all of that advice you’ve given me, you’re are an amazing human and friend.

Blake Cory

As a business owner, I am “All in” and want to be there for every step of my agents’ successes and help them leading the way. I have been a part of three other “coaching “ programs and have never had a coach like Mike, honestly, Coach isn’t even a proper description he is a Business partner. Mike leads you through everything is always there for any questions right guidance. Mike will have the hard conversations with you that you know deep down inside you need but don’t want to have with yourself. Mike is ALL IN and bottom line if you want to and are dedicated to take your career to the next level you will invest in Mike’s knowledge and time. I am very thankful for his guidance and what he has helped me accomplish with my brokerage. If you are committed and want to get to the next level I would encourage you to partner with Mike you won’t regret it…, get prepared for massive success!

Melissa Perrille

Mike has been instrumental as a mentor and a guide post taking me from serious challenges in my business to a much better place and brighter future. He is a high-level thinker that has walked the walk and has allowed me to see the forest through the trees. He’s a man of high character and practical application.

Mike Quail

Best Coach in the business!! Innovative and a true mastery of business.

Scott Hollaway

Awesome leadership. Mike Grbic will take this business and yours to significantly better places.

Bobbie Schwartz

Mike is giving with his time, and has a real spirit of service. Not only that, he has the experience and knowledge to get into the nuts and bolts of your business. Excellent, excellent, excellent!

Jay Robbins

I started working with Mike because I needed some direction. We’ve hit ceiling in sales three years in a row, but we couldn’t break through. Since working with Mike, it has become clear what my role is and what my focus should be. He’s a matter of fact guy that will give you the perspective you need to take your business to the next level. I’ve seen amazing results in our marketing and more importantly I feel more peace now than I ever have because I know I’m working on the right stuff. If the quest to GROW your business is on your radar, there is no better guide or coach out there than Mike to help you do it.

Kerby Skurat

I’ve been involved with many coaching programs with some of the top coaches in the industry, throughout my career. I struggled to find a more custom approach rather than just a plug and play system. Mike Grbic was able to provide a more custom program tailored to my current business. There was immediate value all the way from structuring and rebuilding my team to the marketing side of my business. If you’re considering a coach with a unique approach I’d highly recommend Mike Grbic.

Dylan Snyder

Hiring Mike Grbic was one of the best decisions we have made in our business. Our lead volume has doubled and Our cost per lead has reduced by 50%. He is a brilliant real estate mind and has helped us refine our marketing strategies. He keeps innovating! If you are looking to take your real estate business to the next level, I highly recommend bringing Mike Grbic onto your team!

Matt O’Neill

Working with Mike Grbic has provided clarity on things to do in our business to improve our marketing systems, and to bring in higher quality leads at a lower cost, but also to build a great organization with a solid foundation. If you’re looking to grow your team, at a much faster pace and be able to take your marketing to the next level, I would highly recommend Mike Grbic. He has the tools, the resources, and mainly the experience like no one else. There’s no body better to learn from than, Mike. Your business will never be the same.

Sean Hellmann

Small Town Kansas Kid to Real Estate Business Success

Before MIKE GRBIC became a top real estate business leader, and peak performance coach – empowering agents and business owners by sharing success principles, he had his fair share of obstacles to overcome. From having his dreams of being an Air Force fighter pilot crushed by a career ending shoulder injury, and numerous personal and business challenges; Mike’s story is a great example of how anybody can overcome the obstacles in their life and achieve greatness. Fast forward a few years, Mike is a “Billion Dollar Agent,” having sold over 7,500 homes in his career, high performance real estate & business coach, marketing strategist and investor. Mike Grbic was recognized by RealTrends and the WallStreet Journal as #1 real estate team in Kansas for many years, and #9 real estate team in the US. Mike was also honored by INC Magazine as one of the INC 5000 fastest growing companies, and one of the Business Journal’s 40 under 40. He has been on numerous radio stations, TV, podcasts, and is recognized as one of the leaders in the real estate industry. Mike ultimately sold his top producing multi-state real estate team in 2017, so he could have more impact and help people through his various coaching, marketing, and leadership programs. A serial entrepreneur and investor, Mike has been a part of acquiring, rehabbing and selling/renting over 300 properties and building a large real estate portfolio as well as a management company. He has also owned, operated and sold several different businesses over the years across different industries. Mike is a private pilot, a veteran, Ironman Triathlete, and a devoted husband. Married to his best friend, his beautiful wife Jamie, they love to travel, explore the world, meet amazing people, and continually grow and help others tap into their true potential.


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